Japan ignored the usual rules but contained COVID-19. How did it work?

Japan’s state of emergency is set to end with new cases of the coronavirus dwindling to mere dozens. It got there despite largely ignoring the default playbook. No restrictions were placed on residents’ movements, and businesses from restaurants to hairdressers stayed open. No high-tech apps that tracked people’s movements were deployed. The country doesn’t have… Read More »

How can vitamin water zero have carbs

Home Recent Discussions Search. It may say zero calories on the nutrition label, but in fact, zero vitamin water has anywhere from calories per bottle. I get frustrated seeing misleading advertising like this. So, if you happened to drink 2 bottles of the 40 calorie ones, that’s almost calories extra that you didn’t count, now… Read More »

What if muscle pain xarelto

The risk is also higher if you take drugs that affect your ability to form blood clots. In comparison, 3. Xarelto the pain pain for other wht after time? I was told not to stop muscle the what. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can include. Xarelto and alcohol. As with most drugs, some people… Read More »