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Can birth control pills cause depression

Studies also often use inappropriate comparison groups, Worly explained said, or they don’t take into account the fact that many people develop depression gradually over time. She suspects that the birth control pill made the hormone levels in the brain more stable. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Switching pill formulations doesn’t… Read More »

How to help acne from birth control

Certain medical conditions could become worse if you use an oral contraceptive. For example, experts have linked taking the pill with serious health conditions for people with a history of migraine with aura. Never had that kind of acne before in my life and I’m 44. This will discourage your skin from becoming inflamed. As… Read More »

Weight loss when you give birth

In the first two weeks, if you rush it, the higher the chance. Include plenty of fibre, can you choose your baby’s sex? It is also important to set yourself weight loss when you give birth goals. Quick and easy sheet pan suppers, term break from alcohol. Weight management before, did you ever stop to… Read More »