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Blood Test Might Predict Worsening MS

By Serena Gordon HealthDay Reporter THURSDAY, May 21, 2020 (HealthDay News) — A new blood test might help doctors predict whether someone’s multiple sclerosis may soon get worse. The test looks for a substance called neurofilament light chain. It’s a nerve protein that can be detected when nerve cells die. People with higher levels of… Read More »

What blood pressure is best

Download a PDF sheet that shows you how to measure your blood pressure properly. Learn what the numbers in your blood pressure reading mean. Note: A diagnosis of high blood pressure must be confirmed with a medical professional. A doctor should also evaluate any unusually low blood pressure readings. The American Heart Association recommends home… Read More »

Where to check the blood pressure

Devices that measure your blood pressure at blood wrist or finger aren’t recommended by the American Heart Association. This gives you the option of sharing your readings with your health care providers and check members. It’s best to sit down with your back supported and legs uncrossed for the test. Weightlifting: Bad for your blood… Read More »