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Top blenders whole food plant based diet

So true, Pat! I mean the sauces are still good but I bet they would be even better smooth Lol. And it completes the package with a handy Pulse feature. Invest in a lightweight, and decently sized blender, which although might look small but is mighty in its performance. Authored by Patty Knutson. Share on… Read More »

Diet for hyperthyroid and high cholesterol

The major symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, low heart rate, fatigue, dry skin and hair, pain in muscles and also hypercholesterolemia increased levels of blood cholesterol levels. Moong Soup. Thyroid hormone essentially is needed to remove the excess cholesterol from the body. Cholesterol present in our body attaches to a protein to form lipoprotein.… Read More »

Paleo diet no shellfish

Yes, fish and seafood is paleo. Take off of heat, let cool to the point that you can hold your finger in the milk seconds. Paleo people take pride in being vegetarian, and expect others who call themselves vegetarians to adhere to shellfish same sheklfish. Shellfish the summer fruits and grains are ripe and abundant… Read More »

Whipped cream on ketogenic diet

For this keto whipped cream recipe, you can swap the whipping cream with full fat coconut cream for a dairy free keto whipped cream. You’ll want to focus on eating lower-lactose foods like Greek yogurt, hard cheeses, and cottage cheese, Beckerman says, rather than jumping straight into milk or ice cream to avoid potential GI… Read More »

Keto diet dietary cholesterol

Is the keto diet safe for someone with high cholesterol? However, studies suggest the connection between the keto diet and cholesterol is actually positive. For decades cholesterol has gotten as a bad rap, but in reality cholesterol plays many important roles in the body. For example, cholesterol has functions including. Cholesterol in our body is… Read More »