How often is too often antibiotics

By | June 25, 2020

how often is too often antibiotics

Paper in the journal Science says urgent action must be taken to reduce the rise in deadly drug-resistant bacteria. Antibiotics should be limited to an average of less than nine daily doses a year per person in a bid to prevent the rise of untreatable superbugs, global health experts have warned. Writing in the prestigious journal Science, they called on world leaders gathering for a special United Nations meeting on the issue next month to take decision action to reduce antimicrobial resistance. This threatens to send medicine back to the days before the discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin, when people could die from a simple scratch in the garden. Under David Cameron, the UK led calls for global action to address the problem. It has been estimated that 10 million people could die every year worldwide by as a result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We estimate that this would lower overall use by This is an average for each member of the population, so people in dire need of life-saving antibiotics, such as those with compromised immune system or surgery patients, would still be able to have substantially more than this figure.

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