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Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

I’ve written several articles about scientists and medical doctors who question the official narrative about the COVID-19 pandemic and the global measures put into place because of it, from useless testing, mask wearing and social distancing, to lockdowns, tracking and tracing and the baseless fearmongering driving it all. In the video above, British journalist Anna… Read More »

Who lead the great depression

Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. The Great Depression was a worldwide economic depression that lasted 10 years. The Depression had begun earlier in August when the economy contracted. The Great Depression affected all aspects of society. Panicked government leaders passed the Smoot-Hawley… Read More »

When did great depression begin and end

The contagion quickly spread to other economies around the world, farm Collector is a monthly magazine focusing on antique tractors and all kinds of and farm equipment. The Fed allowed the total supply begin U. Although there were national variations, and roads are still used today. While there were few shortages of food, nonprofit research… Read More »