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Another Side Effect of COVID-19 — Lasting Hearing Problems?

FRIDAY, July 31, 2020 — The aftereffects of COVID-19 are numerous, and now British researchers report that many patients recovering from infection with the new coronavirus have lingering hearing problems. For the study, 120 U.K. patients who had been hospitalized for COVID-19 took part in a phone survey. When the patients were asked if they… Read More »

Hearing restored in rats by modifying ear cells to respond to light

By Michael Le Page John Lund/Getty Images Cochlear implants that restore hearing could be improved by genetically modifying the nerve cells in people’s ears so that they respond to light instead of electricity, a study in rats has shown. “This is so much better than what we currently have with electrical implants,” says Tobias Moser… Read More »

Can you sleep with hearing aids in

Here we address common questions and concerns. Maybe you can implement a loud sound suppression, as some of the newer headsets available. My doctor wants me to try hearing Aids he said that will alleviate the ringing that’s in my ears driving me absolutely crazy to madness what do you think? In less than five… Read More »