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How creative solutions to inequitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution can save lives now

The current COVID-19 vaccines have been developed with unprecedented efficiency and speed. Years of research, development, production, and regulatory approvals have been compressed into months. But accelerating the science is only half the puzzle. If we want to save lives right now, we need to improve the messy, inequitable implementation process of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.… Read More »

‘Thousands of lives’ needlessly lost to EU’s AstraZeneca ban

‘Thousands of lives’ needlessly lost to EU’s petty politics: Experts condemn deaths caused by AstraZeneca jab ban as countries begin humiliating U-turn following EMA report it IS safe A series of EU countries including France, Germany and Italy have reinstated the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine The European Medicines Agency ruled that it is a safe… Read More »

Trinity Professor of Immunology launches vaccine video rap to save lives

One of Ireland’s leading scientists in the field of immunology at Trinity College Dublin has launched a Vaccines Save Lives video-based campaign. Taking her youngest daughter to get her scheduled vaccines in the midst of the COVID-19 world pandemic prompted the Professor in Immunology to take a personal stance on the importance of protecting our… Read More »